Comprehensive Development Strategy to Meet TPP

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by Daisuke Hiratsuka

March 2017

Bangkok Research Center, IDE-JETRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Preface (523KB) / Daisuke Hiratsuka

Chapter 1.

From TPP to the "America First" Trade Policy (1.10MB) / Daisuke Hiratsuka

Chapter 2.

Possible Impact of TPP on Trade in Goods in Asia (1.35MB) / Kohei Shiino

Chapter 6.

SOE Reform in Thailand: Preparing for Free Trade Agreements(623KB) / Deunden Nikomborirak

Chapter 8.

Thai Firms' Response to the TPP: Results of Interview Survey (675KB) / Somkiat Tangkitvanich and Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu

Chapter 10.

Vietnam's Comprehensive Development Strategy to Meet TPPM (0.97MB) / Vo Tri Thanh