Intermediate Goods Trade in East Asia: Economic Deepening Through FTAs/EPAs

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by KAGAMI Mitsuhiro

Bangkok Research Center, IDE-JETRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Chapter 1
1. The World’s Factory and Large Consumption Markets
2. Liberalization of Trade and Investment and Integration in East Asia
3. Japan’s Participation
4. Concluding Remarks
Chapter 2

Intermediate Goods Trade in East Asia (161KB) / Yasushi Ueki

1. The Data
2. Global and ASEAN Intermediate Goods Trade
3. Analysis of CLMV Countries
4. Analysis on the Textile and Motorcycle Sectors
5. Plant-Level Functional Specialization and Changes in Trade Patterns
6. Concluding Remarks
Chapter 3
1. Theory Discussion and Related Literature
2. Overview of Trade Growth Across China and ASEAN
3. Intermediate Goods Trade between China and ASEAN
4. Case Studies: Different Features in Machinery and Electronics
5. Conclusions
Chapter 4
1. Overview of Korea-ASEAN Trade
2. Korea-ASEAN Trade by Production Process: Trends and Features
3. Korea-ASEAN Trade by Production Process: Industry
4. Assessment and Policy Recommendations
Chapter 5
1. Changes in Intermediate Goods Trade between Japan and East Asia
2. Japanese Production Network and the Procurement of Intermediate Goods in East Asia
3. SMEs Overseas Expansion in East Asia
4. Case Studies of Japanese Companies
5. Conclusion and Implications
Chapter 6

Thailand Automotive Parts Industry (301KB) / Kriengkrai Techakanont

1. Development of the Thai Automotive Sector in Brief
2. Emergence of Auto Parts Industry and Supplier Network in Thailand
3. Regional and Global Integration of Thailand’s Automotive Industry
4. Conclusion and Policy Implications
Chapter 7
1. Myanmar’s Trade Structure and Trends in Brief
2. Case Study 1: Garment Industry
3. Case Study 2: Footwear Factories
4. Conclusion
Chapter 8
1. Review of Industrialization Policy in Lao PDR
2. Characteristic of Intermediate Goods Trade Development in Lao PDR
3. Comparison of Intermediate Goods Trade between Lao PDR and Its Top Economic Partners: China, Japan, and Korea
4. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations
Chapter 9
1. Industry Development Policy in Cambodia
2. Cambodia Intermediate Goods Trade
3. Conclusion
4. Recommendations
Chapter 10
1. Definition of Intermediate Goods
2. Situation of Intermediate Goods Trade between Vietnam and China in the 1998-2008 Period
3. Case Studies
4. Challenges and Implications
5. Conclusion
Chapter 11
1. Yunnan’s Basic Economic Situation
2. Yunnan’s Main Pillar Industries
3. Yunnan’s Industrial Development Policy
4. Yunnan’s Trade with MRBCs
5. Yunnan’s Intermediate Goods Trade with MRBCs
6. Conclusion