Investment Climate of Major Cities in CLMV Countries

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by ISHIDA Masami

Bangkok Research Center, IDE-JETRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Chapter 1
1. Invest Climates in Gneral
2. Labor Force and Infrastructure
3. Objective Data Compared with Thailand and Indonesia
Concluding Remarks
Chapter 2
1. Natinal Level Survey
2. The Special Economic Zones
3. The Major City and Towns in Cambodia
4. Ports and Airports
Chapter 3

Investment Climate in Lao PDR (180KB) / Syviengxay Oraboune

1. Flow Chart Approach Assessment of Industrialization in Lao PDR
2. Investment Climate in Lao PDR
Conclusion and Recommendation
Chapter 4
1. Inveest Climates in National Level
2. Challenges
3. Infrastructure
4. Introduction of Four Major Cities
Chapter 5
1. Investment Climate Survey at National Level
2. Investment Climate at City Level
3. Industrial Parks and Sez Coclouding Remarks
Chapter 6
1. Re-Examination of Development Strategy
2. Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy
3. Fliwchart Lowchart Approach to Eastern Seaboard Cevelopment Program of Thailand
4. An Application of the Flowchart Approach to CLMV
5. Policy Recommendations
Chapter 7
1. Neg Models
2. The ERIA Firm Survey
Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 8
1. Fragementation
2. Brief History of the Garment Industry in Myanmar
3. Production Costs of Garment Firms in Myanmar
4. Locaton Advantages
Concluding Remarks
Chapter 9
1. Geographical Simulation Model
2. Impact of the Mekong-India Economic Corridor
3. Impact of the East West Economic Corridor and the Third International Mekong Bridge
4. Concluding Remarks and Policy Implications