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Economic Relations of China, Japan and Korea with the Mekong River Basin Countries (MRBCs)

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by KAGAMI Mitsuhiro

Bangkok Research Center, IDE-JETRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Introduction (69KB) / Mitsuhiro Kagami

Chapter 1
1. Country Profiles on Trade, FDI and ODA
2. Cambodia-China Relations
3. Cambodia-Korea Cooperation
4. Cambodia-Japan Relations
5. Comparisons
6. Conclusion
Chapter 2
1. Theoretical Discussion on the South-South Trade of Sophisticated Products
2. Trade Recovery between China and MRBC in 2009
3. Case Studies on China's Trade Sophistication with MRBC
4. Catching up to Technology Ladder
5. Conclusions and Implications
Chapter 3
1. Development Course of China's Foreign Contract Engineering
2. Management and Policy Systems of China's Foreign Contract Engineering
3. Characteristics of China's Foreign Contract Engineering
4. China's Contract Engineering in CLMV
5. Basic Characteristics of China's Contract Engineering in CLMV
6. Yunnan's Enterprise and Contract Engineering in CLMV
7. China's Enterprise Face Difficulties and Problems in Foreign Contract Engineering in CLMV
8. Conclusion
Chapter 4
1. Trade Sector with Vietnam
2. Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) Sector with Vietnam
3. ODA Sector
4. Prospects of Economic Cooperation and Policy Recommendation
Chapter 5
1. Overview of Economic Relations between Lao PDR and North East Asian Countries
2. Comparison of Economic Relations between Lao PDR and among China/Japan and Korea
3. Case Study of FDI Relations between Lao PDR and China, Japan and Korea
4. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations
Chapter 6

Thailand’s Trade Relations with GMS and CLMV (131KB) / Sompop Manarungsan This

Introduction: Thailand and GMS Economic Cooperation
1. Thailand's Economic Cooperation with Cambodia
2. Thailand's Economic Cooperation with Lao PDR
3. Thailand's Economic Cooperation with Myanmar
4. Thailand's Economic Cooperation with Vietnam
5. Summaries and Conclusions
Chapter 7
1. Trade Relations
2. Development and Characteristics of East Asia Direct Investment in Vietnam
3. Impacts of Vietnam's Trade Relations with Three Counties
4. Conclusion
Chapter 8
1. Border Trade: An Overview
2. New "Burma Road"
3. Border Trade and Ethnic Insurgency
4. Muse (105 mile) Border Trade Zone
5. Conclusion
Chapter 9
1. Current Situation of Japan's ODA to MRBCs
2. Hard Infrastructure Development Cooperation
3. Soft Infrastructure Development Cooperation
4. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations
Chapter 10
1. Infrastructure Development and Integration in the MRBR
2. Industrial Upgrade in CLMV
3. Discussions
4. Summary and Conclusions

Tentative Conclusion (331KB) / Mitsuhiro Kagami

1. China's Economic Ties with the Region Strengthen
2. Worldwide Shift of Production Base: From Advanced to Developing Asian Countries
3. Technological Transfer: Fragmented Fragmentation Theory
4. Concerns about the Effectiveness of Japan's ODA