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A China-Japan Comparison of Economic Relationships with the Mekong River Basin Countries

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by KAGAMI MItsuhiro

General Overview and Summary (141KB) / Mitsuhiro Kagami

  1. Overview
  2. Trade
  3. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  4. Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  5. Framework of the Report


  1. Facts on Macroeconomic Performance
  2. Trade Development between China and MRB Countries
  3. Composition of Trade between China and MRB Countries
  4. China’s FDI in MRB Countries
  5. Concluding Remarks


  1. China’s Basic Policy of Foreign Aid and Economic Cooperation
  2. China’s Economic Aid to CLMV
  3. GMS: China Participates in Multilateral Cooperation
  4. Yunnan’s Participation in the GMS Cooperation
  5. Yunnan Faces Challenges in the GMS Cooperation
  6. Conclusion


  1. Foreign Direct Investments in ASEAN
  2. ASEAN International Trades
  3. International Trades of CLMV and Thailand
  4. International Trades of China and Japan with CLMV
  5. Trade Intensity
  6. Supplemental Relationships among China, Japan and Thailand in CLMV
  7. Conclusion

4. Japan’s ODA to MRB Countries (623KB) / Minoru Makishima and Mitsunori Yokoyama

  1. Overview
  2. Japan’s ODA for Cambodia
  3. Japan’s ODA for Lao PDR
  4. Japan’s ODA for Myanmar
  5. Japan’s ODA for Vietnam
  6. Japan’s ODA for Thailand and Partnership
  7. ASEAN’s Initiative to Mekong River Basin Countries and Japan
  8. Conclusions and Policy Implications


  1. Overview of External Sector of the Lao PDR
  2. Social and Economic Relations between Lao PDR and China
  3. Social and Economic Relations between Lao PDR and Japan
  4. Comparison of the Roles of China and Japan in the Socioeconomic Development of the Lao PDR
  5. Conclusion and Recommendation
  6. Recommendations


  1. China/Japan Relations with Myanmar up to 1988
  2. The New International and Regional Political Landscape
  3. Factors that Affected China/Japan and Myanmar Relations after 1988
  4. Conclusion
  1. Historical Development of China’s Foreign Trade
  2. Development of Trade Relationship between Thailand and China
  3. Trade Diversifications of Thailand and China
  4. Recent Developments in Trade between Thailand and China, Classified by Product Items
  5. Developments in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China
  6. Trends of Thai Investment in China
  7. Thai Investors in China
  8. Major Constraints of Thai Investment in China
  9. Major Thai Investor in China
  10. China’s Outward Direct Foreign Investment (ODI)
  11. China’s Outward Direct Foreign Investment in Thailand
  12. Sub-Periodization of China’s Direct Investment in Thailand
  13. Recent Trends of China’s ODI in Thailand, 2005-2008 (Jan-June)
  14. Examples of China’s Big Investment Projects in Thailand
  15. China’s Investment Problem in Thailand
  16. Thai Government Policies in Thai-China’s Trade and Investment Cooperation
  17. The Meeting of Thailand-China Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation (JC)
  18. Thailand-China Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation
  19. Updates on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Thailand and China (2007-2008)
  20. Thailand and Yunnan Province Economic Cooperation Transportation Development of Yunnan Province and the South-Western China
  21. Thailand and Yunnan Province Transportation Cooperation
  22. Thailand and Yunnan Province Economic Cooperation


I. Trade, Investment and ODA Relations

  1. Trade Relations
  2. Chinese Investments and ODA in Vietnam

II. Impacts of Vietnam-China Trade, Investment and ODA Upon Vietnam

  1. Impacts of Trade Relations
  2. The Impacts of Chinese FDI and ODA
  3. Conclusion

Conclusion (28KB) / Mitsuhiro Kagami