Physical Distribution and Regional Economic Development in China: Problems and Prospects



Edited by Yasuo Onishi , Lu Zheng
Published in 1999

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Chapter 1.
1. Research Goals and Methodology
2. Economic Development, Physical Distribution and Economic Regions
 (1) Economic Development, Physical Distribution and Economic Regions in Developing Countries
 (2) Theoretical Probing: Relationship between Physical distribution and Economic Regions
 (3) China’s Economic Development and Changes in physical Distribution and Economic regions
3. Economic Regions in China
 (1) Development Characteristics and Existing Problems
 (2) Transportation and Economic Regions
 (3) Opening – Up to the outside World, and Economic Regions
 (4) Regional Development strategy in the Ninth Five – Year Plan and the Long Term Target for the Year 2010
4. Choice of Regions for case Studies
 (1) north China (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia)
 (2) East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian and Jiangxi)
5. Topics for Future Researches
Chapter 2.

General Situation in Transportation / Jin Bei, Wei Houkai

1. Development in Transportation: Status Quo and Characteristics
 (1) Construction of Infrastructure Stepped Up Steadily, and General Scale Expands Rapidly
 (2) Shipping Capacity Growing Considerably, and Shipping Structure Improved vastly
 (3) Technical Level of Shipping Equipment Showing Vast Improvement
 (4) Tremendous Achievements in Opening Transportation to Outside World
 (5) Rapid Expansion of Scale of investment in Transportation and Diversification of Financing Channels
2. Geographical Distribution of Transportation Infrastructure
3. Development of transportation: Trends and prospects
 (1) Quick Expansion in Investment Scale Will Bring a New upsurge of Transportation Infrastructure Construction
 (2) Transportation Will Grow in a Sustained Way, and Transportation Structure Will Be Optimized
 (3) Cargo Shipment Will Have to Increase Loading Capacity, and Passenger Shipment Aims at Higher Speeds
 (4) Transportation Channels Will Increase Passage Ability, and Comprehensive National Transportation Network Will Take Shape
4. Problems in Current Transportation Development
 (1) Inadequate Scale and Low Development in Transportation facilities
 (2) Chaotic Market Competition, and Feeble Government Macroeconomic Control
 (3) Irrational Distribution of Transportation Facilities, and Uneven Regional Development
 (4) Reform of Transportation System Trailing Behind, Enterprises Suffering Serious Losses
5. Speeding Up Development in Transportation: The Countermeasures
 (1) Categorizing Construction and Management, and Speeding Up Railway Construction
 (2) Building a Unifies, Comprehensive national Transportation Network
 (3) Concentrate Resources for the Construction of One or Two Central Harbours for International Container Shipping
6. Establishing a Sound Financial Source for Construction of Transportation Facilities
Chapter 3.

General Situation in Physical Distribution / Lu Zheng, Lu Tie

1. growth Pattern in the Volume of Cargo Traffic
2. Changes in Shipments caused by Per-Unit GDP
3. Changes in the structure of cargo Transportation
4. Regional Distribution of cargo Shipments
5. Regional Exchanges of Cargo Shipments
 (1) Inter-provincial Inward and outward Shipments
 (2) Commodities Exchanges between Six Regions
6. Development of Containerized Transportation
7. prospects of Cargo Transportation
Chapter 4.

North China: A Case Study / Lu Zheng, Wei Houkai

1. Development in Transportation: current Situation and problems
2. Increase in Cargo shipment and structural Changes
 (1) Growth in Cargo Shipment
 (2) Changes in Structure of Cargo Shipment
 (3) Transportation of Bulk Cargo and Destinations
 (4) characteristics of inter – regional Cargo Exchange
3. Issues Related to Outbound Coal Shipment from Shanxi
 (1) Shanxi, an Energy Supply Centre
 (2) Construction of Channels for Coal Shipped Out of Shanxi
 (3) Changes in Total Volume of Outbound Shipments and Destinations
 (4) Future Trends and prospects
4. Hebei Province: A case Study
 (1) Infrastructure for Transportation: A General Survey
 (2) Increases in Cargo Shipments and Structure Changes
5. Construction of Sea Harbours and Their Division of Labour
Chapter 5.

East China: A Case Study / Jin Bei, Lu Tie

1. A Brief Introduction to Economic Development in East China
 (1) Natural and Social Conditions
 (2) Economic Development in Brief
2. Demand for Transportation: Statues Quo and Prospects
 (1) An Analysis of Status Quo
 (2) Prospects of the Future Tendency
3. Transportation System: Status Quo and Problems
 (1) Scale and Level of Transportation Network
 (2) Density of Transportation Network
 (3) Geographical Distribution of Major Trunk Lines
 (4) Major Problems
4. Development of Transportation: Prospects and Countermeasures
 (1) Orientation and Goals
 (2) Construction of Major Transportation Projects
 (3) Basic Countermeasures
5. Shanghai – Nanjing Area: A Case Study