Regional Economic Development and Policy in China



Edited by MARUYA Toyojiro
Published in 1997

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The Upsurge of Industrialization and the Exploration on Future Development Strategy in Central China / Wang Jian

1. The Economic Rise of Central China since 1994
2. Review of the Economic Take-off of the South –East Coastal Provinces in 1980s
3. Analysis on the Reasons Leading to the Economic Prosperity of the Central Regions in 1990s
4. Exploration on the Economic Development Strategy of the Central Regions

Regional Economic Development and Structural Changes (1.31MB) / Toyojiro Maruya, Hideki Hayashi

1. Change of Regional Economic Construction
2. The Problems that the Central Region is Facing
3. Investment to Inner China
4. Conclusion: Strategy for Economic Development

Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Development: the Case of human Province / Li Shaoqing

1. Review of Agriculture Development in the Influence of Agricultural Policy
 A. Current Situation of Agriculture Development in Hunan
 B. The Influence of Agricultural Policy on Hunan’s Agricultural Development
2. The Problems Lying ahead of Hunan’s Agricultural Development and the Causes of Policy
 A. Main Problems
 B. Analysis on the Causes of Policy on Hunan’s Agricultural Problem
3. The Prospects for Agricultural Development in Hunan and Adjustment in Agricultural Policy
 A. Analysis on the Target as well as potentialities of Agriculture development in Hunan
 B. The Mentality Concerning Adjustment in Agricultural Policy

The Regional Circulation of Farm Products in China / Chang Quing, Yu Shuhua, Gao Guan, Meng Lijia

1. History of the System Governing the Regional Trade of Farm Products
 A. Policies and Circulation System for Farm Product
 B. Circulation system for farm Products and Current Policies
2. Three factors concerning the development of the regional circulation of farm products
 A. Farm products linked production with sales and its regional circulation
 B. Wholesale Market and Regional Circulation for Farm Products
 C. Processing and Regional Circulation for Agricultural Products
3. China’s Regional Circulation for Farm Products in the Future
 A. Formation of Economic Regions for Agricultural Products
 B. To Form A Coordinated Process for Production and Marketing for Enterprises in Regions and the Country
 C. Establishment of Some regional and Country’s Unified Markets for Agricultural Products

A Study on the Strategy of Industrial Development of Five Provinces in Central China / Liu Quingxuan, Tang Zi

1. General Situation of Industrial Development of the Five Provinces
 A. General level and the role
 B. Features of Industrial Structure
 C. The characteristics of economic results
2. Main Problems of Industrial Development of the Five Provinces
3. The Strategy for the Industrial Development of the Five Provinces
 A. Guideline and goal of the strategy of industrial development
 B. Strategic key sectors
 C. The fundamental strategy of industrial development of the five provinces
 D. Ideas for development of key industries
 E. Principal measures to be taken in promoting industrial development of the five provinces

A Study on the Transfer of Agricultural Surplus Labor Forces in Central China / Sun Tanzhen, Liang Shuchun

1. The Special Role and Function of Central China in national socio-economic development
2. History and Current Operation of Transfer of Agricultural Surplus Labor Forces
3. TVEs Development and the Local Transfer of Agricultural Surplus Labor Forces
4. The Migrant Agricultural Surplus Labor Forces
5. The Factors Restraining the Transfer of Agricultural Surplus Labor Force
6. Proposals for the Transfer of Agricultural Surplus Labors Central China

Development Strategy in the Central Region of China: The Case of Human Province / Mo Yixin, Tang Yuwen

1. Current Situation of Hunan’s Economic Development
2. Advantage and Potential of Hunan in Economic Development
3. Problems to be Faced and Restrictive Factors in Hunan’s Economic development
4. Opportunity and Challenge Hunan is Facing in Economic development
5. Strategic Target and Hunan’s Economic Development
 A. Strategic Target
 B. Strategic Mind Set
6. Strategic Measures to be Taken for Hunan Economic Development