The Informal Sector in Thai Economic Development



Edited by Pasuk Phongpaichit, Shigeru Itoga
Published in 1992

Preface / Pasuk Phongpaichit, Shigeru Itoga

Chapter I

The Urban Information Sector in Thailand : An Overview / Pasuk Phongpaichit

1. Introduction
2. Service and Export Led Growth
3. The Rural Source of Urban Labour
4. The Informal Sector in Urban Employment
5. Selected Labour Market Aspects of the Urban Informal Sector
6. The Urban Informanl sector in Thailand’s Industrialisation: Prospects and Policies
Chapter II

The Shop-house Ready-made Garment Manufacturing: A Case Study of the Informal Sector in Bangkok / Voravidh Charoenloet

1. Introduction
2. The Importance of the “Informal Sector” in Thai Economy
3. The ‘Originality’ of the Informal Sector in Garment Businesses.
4. Subcontractors in Ready-Made Garment
5. The Growth of Shop-House Garment Manufacturing
6. The Entry into the Informal Shop-House Businesses
7. Workers in the Shop-House Garment Manufacturing
8. Management and Skill Formation
9. Condition of Work and Wages
10. Employee Benefits
11. Characteristic of Social Relationship
12. Marketing System of the Shop-House Garment Producers
13. Conclusions
Chapter III
1. Introduction
2. Regulation by Municipality
3. Business conditions
4. Conclusion
Chapter IV

Housing Needs and Affordability of Household in Informal Sector / Kitti Limskul

1. Introduction
2. Concepts, Definition of Informal Sector Used in This Study
3. Housing Needs and Affordability
4. Discussion and Policy Issue
Chapter V

Migration of Workers in North-eastern Region / Nikorn Veesaphen

1. Background, causes and reasons of labour migration
2. Nature of Labour Recruitment/types of job/living condition and problem encountered by the labour migrators
3. Future Trend of the Labour Migration, Labour Market, Preparation for the Migrators
Situation of Employing Child Labour in Thaiand
4. The Process t recruit Children into the Labour Market
Chapter VI

The Government Polices on the Urban Informal Sector / Jawalaksana Rachapaetayakom

1. Introduction
2. Self-employment Promotion Policy Issues and Implementation in the Sixth Plan (1981-1991)
3. The Informal Sector Policy Issues in the Seventh Plan (1992-1986)
4. Coordination and Process Facilitating the Urban Informal sector
5. Selected Relevant Agencies and Networks for Urban Informal Sector
6. Observations and Recommendations