Thailand's Economic Development in the 1980's



Edited by Samart Chiasakul, Chuta Manasphaibool, Mikimasa Yoshida
Published in 1988

Preface / Yositoshi Munakata

Economic Development Strategies under the 5th and 6th Plan / Samart Chiasakul

1. Development Strategies of National Economic and Social Development During the First to Fourth Plan
2. Development Strategies of National Economic and Social Development During the Fifth and Sixth Plan
3. Problems on Planning and Implementation in the Fifth Plan
4. Structural Change of the Thai Economy
5. The Sixth National Development Plan
6. Conclusion

Development Policies of Basic Industrics / Makimasa Yoshida

1. Introduction
2. Evolution of Basic Industry Development Policy
3. Development of the Petrochemical Industry
4. The Iron and Steel Industry
5. Conclusion

Supporting Industries in Thailand / Damri Sukhotanang

1. Introduction
2. The Supporting Industries and their Importance
3. An Overview of the Industrial Sector in the Thai Economy
4. The Current State of Supporting Industries in Thailand
5. Problems of Supporting Industries and Measures for Development
6. Conclusion

Export Promotion / Orajit Singkalavanich

1. Introduction
2. Trade Policy
3. Thailand's Export Structure
4. Export Targets and Supporting Measures
5. Export Promotion Infrastructure
6. Conclusion

Economic Development Policy and Its Effects on Urban Development / Chuta Manasphaibul

1. Introduction
2. National Spatial Development Policy
3. The Impacts of Urban Development Policy
4. Proposed Urban Development Policy of the Sixth Plan
5. Summary and Conclusion

Rural Development Policy in Thailand / Kitisak Sinthuvanich, Tivaporn Tancharoen

1. Introduction
2. Rural Development Administration System
3. Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (RPAP) in the 5th Plan
4. Rural Development Policy in the 6th Plan
5. Conclusion