Economic Development Policy in Thailand A Historical Review



Edited by Warin Wonghanchao, Yukio Ikemoto
Published in 1988

Preface / Yositoshi Munakata

1. Introduction
2. Trade cycle
3. Structure of expanditure and industry
4. Contribution of economic growth
5. Productivity
6. Investment and saving
7. Conclusion

Thailand Socio-Economic Development Planning / Wirat Wattanasiritham, Pak Tongsom, Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Satien Jirarangsumant

1. Introduction
2. Overall economic condition before using national plans
3. Objectives of national economic and social development plans
4. Policies and strategies of economic and social development plans
5. Assessment of the economic and social development plans
6. Problems and obstacles of Socio-economic planning
7. Impact of changes in development policies
8. Conclusion

Agricultural Development Policy of Thailand / Warin Wonghanchao

1. Introduction
2. Present situation of the agricultural sector Thailand's production
3. The projected situation in the agricultural sector during the sixth plan period, 1987-1991
4. Structural problems of the development of the agricultural sector
5. The proposed planning framework for agricultural development

Industrial Policies of Thailand / Mingsarn Santikarn Kaosa-ard, Adis Israngkura

1. An overview of the Thai economy, performance and changes in the manufacturing sector
2. Industrial development in Thailand
3. Major policies affecting Thai Industrialization
4. Impacts of industrial policies in Thailand and the possibility of Thailand becoming an NIC

Trade Policy in Thailand / Santi Bangor

1. Introduction
2. Thailand's past experience in foreign trade
3. Trade policy during the Post War period (1946-1960)
4. Trade policy during the 1960's and early 1970's: The import substitution period
5. Trade Policy during the fourth and fifth five year National Economical and Social Development Plan: The export Promotion Period
6. Conclusion

Financial Policy in Thailand / Siri Ganjarerndee

1. Financial Policy in the Post-War Period
2. Summary of Financial Reform in Thailand
3. Areas where the Thai financial system can be improved