Varieties and Alternatives of Catching-up: Asian Development in the Context of the 21st Century  

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This book sheds new light on the advancement of various industries in developing Asian countries through an application and re-examination of catch-up industrialization theory. With contributors presenting their own perspectives on the progression of a range of different industries in Asia, this volume provokes readers to reconsider their current understanding of industrialization in latecomer countries. More specifically, the chapters discuss Taiwan's semiconductor industry, Korea's steel industry, and Malaysia's palm oil industry, amongst others. The authors also explore the 'catch-down' innovation strategy in China and India. Varieties and Alternatives of Catching-up provides a thorough analysis of the strategies employed by numerous Asian countries to radically transform their low-income agricultural economies to middle-income industrialized ones. This book is essential reading for researchers and scholars interested in Asian economic development.

■ Varieties and Alternatives of Catching-up: Asian Development in the Context of the 21st Century
■ Edited by Yukihito SATO and Hajime SATO
■ £103.99
■ 314pp
■ Published in September 2016
■ ISBN978-1-137-59779-3

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Introduction: Varieties and Alternatives of Catching Up: Asian Development in the Context of the Twenty-First Century/ Sato Yukihito (et al.)

1. Innovations Derived from Backwardness: The Case of Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry/ Sato Yukihito

2. The Narrow ‘Breadth of R&D’ and the Bottleneck of Technological Catch-Up: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Flat Panel Display Industry from the Perspective of the R&D Strategy of AMOLED/ Ito Shingo

3. Industrial Development and Linkage Formation in Korea: A Case Study of the FPD Industry/ Yoshioka Hidemi

4. The Catch-Up Process in the Korean Steel Industry/ Abe Makoto

5. Advantages of Backwardness and Linkage Effects: The Steel Industry in Asia/ Sato Hajime

6. ‘Catch-Down’ Innovation in Developing Countries/ Marukawa Tomoo

7. Curse or Opportunity? A Model of Industrial Development for Natural Resource–Rich Countries on the Basis of Southeast Asian Experiences/ Sato Yuri

8. Resource-Based Industrialization of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry/ Oikawa Hiroshi

9. The Development of the Indian Software Services Industry/ Saraswati Jyoti