The Dynamics of Local Learning in Global Value Chains: Experiences from East Asia  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

During the last few decades globalization has transformed economic development in East Asia. The expansion of foreign direct investment, increase in international trade, and accelerated flow of financial and human resources across country borders have triggered rapid industrialization and economic integration in the region. This volume uses the global value chains (GVC) perspective to explore how the dynamic interactions between firms from developed and developing economies, together with other factors, have stimulated and shaped the rise of local firm capabilities in East Asia. By extending and modifying the existing GVC perspective, the contributors present their own analytical framework to explain the rise of firm capabilities within value-chain dynamics. This book is essential reading for all interested in development economics, international trade policy, and East Asian economies and studies.

■ The Dynamics of Local Learning in Global Value Chains: Experiences from East Asia
■ Edited by Momoko Kawakami and Timothy J. Sturgeon
■ £65.00
■ 233pp
■ Published in July 2011
■ ISBN978-0-230-23849-7

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Value Chain Dynamics and Capability Formation by Latecomer Firms in East Asia/ Momoko Kawakami

1. Inter-firm Dynamics in Notebook PC Value Chains and the Rise of Taiwanese Original Design Manufacturing Firms/ Momoko Kawakami

2. Value Chain Creation and Reorganization: The Growth Path of China's Mobile Phone Handset Industry/ Ken Imai and Jing Ming Shiu

3. Value Chain Dynamics and Local Suppliers' Capability Building: An Analysis of the Vietnamese Motorcycle Industry/ Mai Fujita

4. Local Firms' Capability Development in Captive Value Chains: Evidence from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry/ Yuri Sato

5. To Be or Not to Be a Supplier to TNCs? An Entrepreneurial Approach to Linkage Formation in the Malaysian Electronics Industry/ Hiroshi Oikawa

6. Inter-Country Value Distribution in the East Asian Electronics and Automobile Industries: An Empirical Global Value Chain Approach/ Hiroshi Oikawa

7. Learning and Earning in Global Value Chains: Lessons in Supplier Competence Building in East Asia/ Timothy J. Sturgeon and Greg Linden

Concluding Remarks/ Momoko Kawakami