Making Health Services More Accessible in Developing Countries   
—Finance and Health Resources for Functioning Health Systems —

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

Three of the eight Millennium Development Goals require substantial improvements in the health sector by 2015, specifically in the reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health, and combating of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Although international concern about health is increasing, health outcomes do not appear to be improving at a steady rate. This book raises critical concerns about the limited capacity of healthcare services in developing countries, sadly it is the most vulnerable that are the least protected. This book focuses on the challenging factors and key elements that are essential for a workable health system, in particular finance, human resources, pharmaceuticals and public facilities. Through empirical analyses and in-depth case studies, this book sheds light on how we can help strengthen, improve and make health systems more accessible in developing countries.

■ Making Health Services More Accessible in Developing Countries —Finance and Health Resources for Functioning Health Systems —
■ Edited by UCHIMURA Hiroko
■ £60.00
■ 270pp
■ Published in October 2009
■ ISBN978-0-230-57788-6

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Preface / H. Uchimura

Introduction: Key Factors for Functioning Health Systems / H. Uchimura

What is the Role of Public Finance in Health and How Should it be Fulfilled?: A Study of China / H. Uchimura

Health Financing for Accessible Services: A Study of the Philippines / H. Uchimura

Development of Social Health Insurance Systems: Retracing Japan's Experience / M. Ii

Emerging External Funds for Health: A Study of Global Health Partnerships / B. Ito

Determinants of HIV / AIDS Drug Prices for Developing Countries: Analysis of Global Fund Procurement Data / K. Kubo & H. Yamane

How to Manage Out-Migration of Medical Personnel from Developing Countries: The Case of Filipino and South African Nurses and Doctors Leaving for Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US / T. Yamagata

Publicly Provided Primary Healthcare Services in Rural India: Achievements, Problems, and Possible Solutions / S. Ito & H. Kono

Health Services for the Socially Excluded Tribes: Learning from the Asha Kiran Society's Intervention in Orissa, India / C. D'Souza & A. Abraham