Poverty Reduction and Beyond : Development Strategies for Low-Income Countries   

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

Progress towards the Millennium Development Goals has fallen short of expectations in parts of the world. Proponents of ODA (Official Development Assistance) are demanding an increase in aid. However it is argued by many that increased aid in itself does not guarantee substantial reduction of poverty, wider structural and institutional issues need to be identified and addressed before aid package can be effectively utilised. An international team of experts explore new directions in poverty reduction. Individual contributions examine a number of new approaches to enhancing the utility of ODA, including; harnessing the power of market forces, focusing aid on a key few long run challenges and mobilizing advances in technology. The contributors to this timely volume include William Easterly, Simeen Mahmud, Katsumi Hirano, Hiroshi Kato and Masanobu Kiyoka.

■ Poverty Reduction and Beyond : Development Strategies for Low-Income Countries
■ Edited by Takashi Shiraishi , Tatsufumi Yamagata and Shahid Yusuf
■ £60.00
■ 194pp
■ Published in Jun 2009
■ ISBN978-0-230-21994-6

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Poverty Reduction and Beyond: How Far toward the Goals? / T. Yamagata & T. Shiraishi


Free Markets and Economic Development / W. Easterly

Reducing Poverty through Innovation / S. Yusuf


Industrialization cum Poverty Reduction: The Cases of Bangladesh and Cambodia / T. Yamagata

The Pledge to End Poverty: The Image and the Reality of International Aid for Health and Population / S. Mahmud

What Is Happening in 'Poor' Africa? / K. Hirano

Poverty Reduction and Human Security: The Experience from JICA's Foreign Aid / H. Kato & M. Kiyoka

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