East Asia's Economic Integration -Progress and Benefit-  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

It is often claimed that, in East Asia, de facto economic integration has proceeded in advance of de jure integration. This book argues that de jure economic integration is now beginning in East Asia, with various recent regional trade agreements in the form of free trade agreements (FTAs). However, the proliferation and evolution of FTAs raises questions about the future of integration in East Asia. Using a combination of international trade theory, spatial economics, data-work empirical studies, and field studies on various scenarios of de jure economic integration, this book brings together a range of experts in this area to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of East Asia’s economic integration, and is a crucial resource for academics and policymakers interested in this key area.

■ East Asia's Economic Integration -Progress and Benefit-
■ Edited by HIRATSUKA Daisuke and KIMURA Fukunari
■ £70.00
■ 376pp
■ Published in August 2008
■ ISBN978-0-230-55362-0

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From De Facto to De Jure Economic Integration in East Asia: Past, Present and Future / D.Hiratsuka & F.Kimura

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Rules of Origin, Local Content, and Cumulative Local Content in East Asia: Application of an International Input-Output Analysis / I.Kuroiwa

Making Sense of the Timeliness of Transportation in Economic Integration / N.Hamaguchi

Evolution of core-periphery structure / N.Hamaguchi

Industrialization through vertical production networks: Can Laos participate in Vertical Production Networks? / D.Hiratsuka, S.Keola & M.Suzuki

Structural change in intermediate, consumption and capital goods trade during economic integration: the EU experience / B.Los & J.Oosterhaven

Spillovers and Linkages between Local and Foreign Plants / K.Yokota

Do Local Suppliers Benefit from Economic Integration? Evidence from Outward FDI from ASEAN / D.Hiratsuka

Comparing Bilateral and Multilateral ASEAN-10+4 Free Trade Agreements: Possible Impacts on Member and Non-member countries / M.Fouquin

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