Economic Integration in Asia and India  

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This book is the outcome of the international symposium on 'Economic Integration in Asia and India' held in Tokyo, Japan, on Decemeber 8, 2005. In the flow of globalization in the world economies, the regional economic integrations which have been progressing institutionally in the EU and Americas are now substantially under way among countries in Asia, including Japan, Korea, China and the ASEAN countries. India has also taken steps on the passage towards economic integration. India's full-scale participation in the Asian market will affect other East Asian countries, which in turn will also have manifold influences on India. This book aims to trigger a wider examination of Asian economic integration.

■ Economic Integration in Asia and India
■ Edited by Masahisa Fujita
■ £55.00
■ 206pp
■ Published in June 2008
■ ISBN978-0-230-52085-1

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