The Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy  

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Industrial cluster policy is crucial to the development of regions in East Asia. Theories of agglomeration and clustering show that industrial clusters are effective ways of generating external economies and reducing transportation costs on a small and large-scale. Before a effective cluster can be built, however, it is necessary to clarify the conditions which are required for its success. This book presents a framework for analysing industrial cluster policies. The flowchart approach is a practical method which makes it clear what factors are important in building industrial clusters, how firms are agglomerated and how policy measures are prioritised. With case studies from China, USA, India, Japan, Thailand and Mexico, this book provides a detailed and comprehensive exploration of industrial clusters, and explains how the flowchart approach can be applied in analysing these case studies.

■ The Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy
■ Edited by Akifumi Kuchiki and Masatsugu Tsuji
■ £60.00
■ 325pp
■ Published in May 2008
■ ISBN978-0-230-55361-3

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Introduction / A.Kuchiki & M.Tsuji

Formation and Growth of Economic Agglomerations and Industrial Clusters: A Theoretical Framework from the Viewpoint of Spatial Economics / M.Fujita

The Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy: Guangzhou's Automobile Industry Cluster / A.Kuchiki & H.Tsukada

Industrial Clusters in the Austin Area: The Austin Technopolis Case Study / J.Kabir

Automobile Clusters in India: Evidence from Chennai and the National Capital Region / A.Okada

The Process and Factors of Industrial Cluster Formation: A Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy in Japan / K.Yoshida

An Empirical Examination of the Flowchart Approach to Industrial Clustering: Case Study of Greater Bangkok, Thailand / M.Tsuji, S.Miyahara & Y.Ueki

The Evolution of the High-Tech Electronics Cluster in Guadalajara, Mexico / Y.Hisamatsu

Conclusion / M.Tsuji & A.Kuchiki

Appendix: Theory of a Flowchart Approach to Industrial Cluster Policy / A.Kuchiki