Power in a Philippine City  

Occasional Papers Series


■ Power in a Philippine City

■ 118pp
■ Published in 2002

Local politics has been one of the favorite topics of political scientists doing research on the Philippines because it is regarded as providing significant clues for understanding the nature of Philippine politics. A particular concern in local politics is the mechanism of local power. Two important questions that this study seeks to answer are: What are the decisive factors for a political leader to hold onto power? And how does a political leader maintain the mechanism that sustains his power? In order to answer these questions, this book examines Naga City as a case study. A young MBA holder who was initially unknown in the city was able to establish invincible political strength through his good governance and by setting up cohesive political organizations at the grassroots level. This case study brings into sharp relief the significant roles of the state and its institutions which have attracted little attention in past studies.