Whither Free Trade Agreements? :Proliferation, Evaluation and Multilateralization  

Development Perspective Series


■ Whither Free Trade Agreements? :Proliferation, Evaluation and Multilateralization
■ 426pp
■ Published in 2003

What are the causes of the recent surge of the “third wave” FTAs in the Asia-Pacific region? What do individual countries try to achieve from their respective FTAs? This book explores these questions through economic theories, historical and institutional analysis of the international trading system and the frameworks of the international political economy, as well as detailed case studies on eight countries in the region. As whether FTAs promote multilateral liberalization remains ambiguous and conditional, the concept of “FTA multilateralization” and its practicability are also examined.

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1. Introduction / Jiro Okamoto

Part I. Theoretical and Institutional Perspectives
2. Evaluating the Logics of FTA Formations in International Economics: Economic Rational Consequence of Strategic Interactions / Gen Yamamoto

3. Institutional Motives for Forming FTAs: The Contradiction between the MFN Principle and Reciprocity / Akiko Yanai

4. The International Political Economy of FTA Proliferation:
Testing the Analytical Scope of Neorealism, Neoliberalism and Constructivism / Satoshi Oyane

Part II. The Case Studies
5. The United States’Free Trade Agreements:
From NAFTA to the FTAA / Atsushi Yamada

6. Mexico' s Foreign Trade Policy in the New Millennium:
Achievements and Challenges / Maria-Cristina Rosas

7. The Comprehensiveness of Chilean Free Trade Agreements / Mikiko Kuwayama

8. Japan as a Late-coming FTA Holder: Trade Policy Change for the Asian Orientation? / Tatsushi Ogita

9. Thailand’s FTA Policy: Continuity and Change between the Chuan and Thaksin Goverments / Fumio Nagai

10. Linkage between Malaysia’s FTA Policy and ASEAN Diplomacy / Sanae Suzuki

11. Australia' s FTA Policy: From Defensive Response to Competitive Liberalization? / Jiro Okamoto

12. Diplomacy, Politics and Damage Control in the Negotiation of the New Zealand-Singapore FTA / Stephen Hoadley

Part III. Conclusion
13. Conclusion / Jiro Okamoto