Social Protests and Nation-Building in the Middle East and Central Asia  

Development Perspective Series


A new series in English for multi-faced studies of developing economies, principally based on a collective research of a specific subject.

■ Social Protests and Nation-Building in the Middle East and Central Asia
■ 236pp
■ Published in 2003


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Part I. General Perspectives: those lay behind the movements
1. How Did the Disappearance of the Religious Reform Have a Part in the Stumble of the Arab Renaissance Projects? / Maher al-CHARIF

2. The Cultural Crisis and the Future of the Arab Civil Society:
The Debate of Enlightenment and Liberalization / El-Sayed YASSIN

3. Why Are Social Protest Movements Weak in Central Asia?: Relations between the State and Peoplein the Era of Nation-Building and Globalization / Tomohiko UYAMA

4. Inventing the Alans: Origins of the Peoples, and Politics in the Northern Caucasus / Victor A. SHNIRELMAN

Part II. Case Studies in the Middle East and Central Asia:who move, who retreat?
5. The Dynamics of Nation-Building in the Sudan / Yoshiko KURITA

6. The Basmachi Movement as a Mirror of Central Asian Society in the Revolutionary Period / Chika OBIYA

7. Contradiction between Thoughts and Realities in Arab Nationalism:
Wahīb al-Ghānim’s Contribution to the Developmentof the Arab Ba‘th Movement
/ Hiroyuki AOYAMA

8. Reza Shah’s Changing Dictatorship and Protest Movements in Iran, 1925-1941 / Shintaro YOSHIMURA

9. The 1991 Intifādah in Iraq: Seen through Analyses of the Discourses of Iraqi Intellectuals / Keiko SAKAI

10. Islam and Construction of a National State in Central Asia:
Islamic Movement in Tajikistan / Saodat OLIMOVA

11. Nationalities Policy in Kazakhstan: Interviewing Political and Cultural Elites / Natsuko OKA