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研究会一覧 2015年度

2015年度 研究テーマ:B-1-09
Economic Impact of the Creative Industries in Southeast Asia


The creative industries are becoming an increasingly important contributor to GDP growth and employment globally and are forecast to play a bigger role in the coming years. The sector is also becoming more international, with both creative goods and creative services being traded in international markets. At the same time, there is a lack of knowledge on the economic impact of the creative industries both nationally and internationally. The objective of this study is to assess and demonstrate the economic contribution and potential of the creative/cultural industries in Southeast Asian countries. The effect of these industries on economic growth, jobs, trade and investment will be estimated and a comparison will be made with select benchmark countries around the world. The study will review the availability of data on the creative industries in the region, and country and industry datasets will be created to compare the economic contribution of creative industries in the Southeast Asian countries and benchmark countries.




[ 主査・幹事 ] カシチーバ ミラ
[ 委員 ] 鍋嶋郁 (早稲田大学准教授)


  • IDE Research Bulletin
  • 『The Developing Economies』または外部の査読付き外国語学術雑誌