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研究会一覧 2015年度

2015年度 研究テーマ:B-1-08
Formation of Knowledge Networks in East Asia


Building up sufficient innovation capability is an urgent concern facing middle income countries in the East Asia region as strengthening innovation capability is seen as a way to escape the middle income trap. In this regard, there is a growing interest in the potential role of “knowledge networks”, which are similar to the production networks that catapulted East Asian economies on the path to industrialization and rapid growth. This study aims to explore the formation of knowledge networks in East Asia using patent citation as a main indicator as well as to examine what factors are associated with the development of knowledge networks in East Asia and whether such knowledge networks have contributed to economic growth.




[ 主査 ] 鍋嶋郁 (早稲田大学准教授)
[ 幹事 ] カン ビョンウ
[ 委員 ] カシチーバ ミラ