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研究会一覧 2013年度

2013年度 研究テーマ:C-43
Supply-chain Industrialization and growth: Does value added matter?


As globalization rolls on, nowadays almost no country pursues industrialization on its own, but rather engages into global production networks. Some countries, such as Singapore or Vietnam, are cases in point. Although the development of production networks has recently been analyzed in the economics literature, the nexus between such networks and economic growth has not been well clarified. Moreover, a recent endeavour by some economists of measuring the value added of exports shows that exports at face value can be very different from the valued added of exports. Under these circumstances, our aim in this project is to show that not all development strategies based on integrating into global supply chains lead to the same growth benefits. We expect to find that the value added of exports, and not only job creation, is critical to sustainable growth. Our further aim would be to show how policies may need to maximize local value added and spillovers from FDI as well as tackle the fickleness of multinational relocations.




[ 主査 ] 伊藤 匡
[ 委員 ] Pierre-Louis Vézina (University of Oxford Post-doctoral fellow)