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Yearbook of Asian Affairs 2006(英文)  



その他 Yearbook of Asian Affairs 2006(英文) ■ Yearbook of Asian Affairs 2006(英文)
■ アジア経済研究所  編
■ 6,804円(本体価格 6,300円)
■ A5判
■ 588pp.
■ 2007年3月発行
■ ISBN978-4-258-27005-7


China’s and India’s High Growth and the Struggle for Leadership in Asia / Kazuhisa MATSUI
The Fluctuating Domestic and Foreign Policy of President Roh Moo-Hyun / Nao ISHIZAKI, Satoru OKUDA, and Yuichi WATANABE
China’s Dilemma of High Economic Growth / Kenichi IMAI, Haruka MATSUMOTO, and Mami YAMAGUCHI
Ruling Party Bogged Down by Conflict / Hiroshi IKEGAMI and Takayuki TAKEUCHI
Achievement of High Growth While Preparing for the 10th National Party Congress / Minoru TERAMOTO and Emi KOJIN
The “Winner-Takes-All” Cambodian People’s Party / Naoko AMAKAWA
First Step toward Achieving the National Goal for 2020 / Norihiko YAMADA and Naoko AMAKAWA
The Second Thaksin Administration: From Victory to Turn-around to Instability / Tsuruyo FUNATSU
Trust in President Arroyo Shaken / Yurika SUZUKI
Long Journey to Structural Reform / Masashi NAKAMURA and So UMEZAKI
Aceh Peace Accord and the “Oil Shock” / Kazuhisa MATSUI and Yuri SATO
India’s Growing Global Presence / Mayumi MURAYAMA and Kohei SHIINO
Stalled Tsunami Reconstruction and Peace on the Verge of a Crisis / Etsuyo ARAI
Citizens Crossed the Line of Control in Kashmir / Momoe MAKINO
Asian Key Economic Indicators in 2005
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