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Environmental Awareness in Developing Countries  - The Cases of China and Thailand

Development and the Environment Series


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Development and the Environment Series Environmental Awareness in Developing Countries ■ Environmental Awareness in Developing Countries - The Cases of China and Thailand
■ Edited by Sigeki Nisihira, Reeitsu Kojima, Hideo Okamoto and Shigeki Fujisaki
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■ 344pp.
■ 1997発行
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1 The Global Environment and North-South Relations: Considering the Future of the Earth pdf / Shigeaki Fujisaki
1. Introduction: Up and Down with Ecology
2. Global Environmental Problems and the North-South Divide
3. Development and the Environment: The Experiences of Japan and Industrializing Asia
4. Economic Convergence and the Stationary State: The Future of the Earth

2 Survey on Environmental Awareness in China and Thailand / Shigeki Nishihira
1. Survey Methods
2. Comparison of Environmental Awareness
3. The Role of Opinion Surveys in Area Studies


3 State of the Environment in China pdf / Reeitsu Kojima
1. A Fundamental Perspective on Environmental Problems in China
2. The Degree of Environmental Degradation and Improvements
3. Conclusion

4 The Implications of Population Control on china7s Environmental Problems: Population, Environment, and Food pdf / Keiko Wakabayashi
1. A Fundamental Perspective on Environmental Problems in China
2. The Degree of Environmental Degradation and Improvements
3. Conclusion

Supplement: The Three Gorges Dam Project and Problem of Community Relocation
1. Outline of the Project
2. Implications of the Resettlement of 1.2 Million People
3. Consciousness of the Relocatees and Reactions from Abroad

5 The Environmental Awareness of Chinese Citizens: A Sociological Analysis / Yuan Fang
1. Government as the Leading Factor in Environmental Protection in China
2. China's Citizens
3. The Social Awareness of Citizens
4. The Environmental Awareness of Citizens : The Old Cities of Beijing and Shanghai

6 Urban People's Awareness of the Quality of Life: Environmental Issues in Two Major Cities in Contemporary China pdf / Kenji Otsuka
1. Community Transformation in the Major Cities of Contemporary China
2. Change in the Living Environment and Its Implication
3. Residents' Awareness in Solving Problems in Their Living Environment

7 The Environmental Consiciousness of the Central Government Elite in the People's Republic of China / Zieng Jing
1. The Need for a Survey on the Environmental Consciousness of the Chinese Elite Class
2. Regarding the Interview Survey
3. The Environmental Consciousness of Central Government Elites
4. Summary


8 Environmental Awareness in Thailand: "Institutonalization" of Environmental Problems and the State of the Save-Nature Boom pdf / Tsuruyo Funatsu
1. Rise of the Environmental Protection Boom in the 1990s
2. Complaints about the Dispute Settlement System and Future Problems

9 The Environmental Awareness and Attitude of the Government and Media in Thailand / Piyachatr Pradubraj
1. State of the Environment in Thailand
2. Governmental Responses to Environmental Needs
3. The Media's Performance in Environmental Problems
4. Comparing the Roles of the Government and the Media

10 Environmental Awareness in Thailand pdf / Hideo Okamoto
1. Survey Overview
2. Survey Hypotheses
3. Overview of Survey Results
4. Characterizing Thai Environmental Awareness

11 Environmental Disputes in Thailand in the First half of the 1990: Movements in Urban and Rural Areeas pdf / Tsuruyo Funatsu
1. Background of Frequent Environmental Disputes
2. Types of Environmental Movement
3. Social Class and Political Awareness in Urban and Rural Areas
4. Types of Environmental Disputes and the Urban-Rural Political Culture

12 Industrialization and Environmental Diputes: A Case Study of the Nampong River / Preeda Prapertchob
1. The Founding of the Phoenix Pulp and Paper Factory
2. The Paper Mill's Contributions to the Local Community
3. The Problems of Water and Air Pollution from the Factory
4. People's Organizations and Environmental Protection
5. Issues to Be Addressed

13 An Institutional Approach for Environmental Protection through Analysisof Incentives: A Case Study of Forests in Thailand / Apichai Puntasen
1. Introduction
2. Forests in Thailand
3. Disincentives Caused by Macro-Structures
4. Incentive System Facing Government Officials
5. Incentive System Facing People Settling around the Forest
6. Factors Expanding Disincentive against Forest Protection
7. Future Prospect on Forest Protection in Thailand
8. Conclusion


14 Toward an Environmental Paradigm with a Priority on Social Life pdf / Hiroyuki Torigoe
1. Clarifying My Objectives
2. Why Has It Become Important to Make Residents the Focus of Environmental Issues?
3. Three Paradigms
4. Comparing the Three Types
5. A Rough Sketch of Life-Environmentalism

15 The "Disadvantages of Backwardness" in Environmental Problems in Asia: Implications for policy and Social Reserch pdf / Yoshikazu Hiraoka
1. The Need for a Simultaneous Response to Environmental Problems
2. The Lack of Human Resources with Professional Expertise
3. Implications to Environmental Policy and Social Research