International Input-Output Analysis Studies Group, Development Studies Center

Research Field:
(Areas of Specialization or Interests) Input-Output Analysis and Inter-industrial Analysis. Industrial Competitiveness among Asia-Pacific Region. Repercussion Effect of FTA on Asian Countries. Theoretical Statistics and Economic Statistics (Stochastic process) Applied Mathematics (for Social Science)

Education / Research Experience

Graduate School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Applied Math, Stochastic Process and Statistics), Massachusetts, U.S.A, 1984-1986
Graduate School, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan M.S.(Math), 1975-1977
Professional Career:
Researcher, SRD, 1977.4-1984.7
Chief, Statistical Planning and Analysis Division(SPAD), SRD, 1993.7-1994.3
Senior Research Fellow, Statistical Research Department (SRD), 1994.4-1995.3
Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Business Administration
National University of Singapore, 1995.4-1997.3
Senior Research Fellow, Research Planning Dept, 1997.4-1998.6
Director, Research Planning Division, 1998.7-2001.3
Research Coordinator, Economic Development Research Dept, 2000.4-2001.3
Director-General, Economic Development Research Dept, 2001.4-2003.9
Director-General, Inter-Disciplinary Studies Center, 2003.10-2008.3
Director-General , Research Planning Department, 2008.4-2009.6
Chief Senior Researcher, Development Studies Center, 2009.7-

Major Works

(recent 20 major papers) English
  • March 2002 "Structural Changes in International Industrial Linkages and Export Competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific Region" ASEAN ECONOMIC BULLETIN Vol.19 No.1 pp52-82, ISEAS Singapore
  • September 2001 Overall Study on ASEAN Industrial Competitiveness (co-editor with Hayashi)commissioned by METI reported to The ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting (AMEICC meeting) in Hanoi
  • March 2001 ASIAN INTERNATIONAL INPUT-OUTPUT TABLE 1995 Statistical Data Series (SDS) No. 82, IDE-JETRO (Co-work of I/O Team)
  • March 1998 ASIAN INTERNATIONAL INPUT-OUTPUT TABLE 1990 . Statistical Data Series (SDS) No. 81, IDE-JETRO (Co-work of I/O Team)
  • March 1995 "Economic interdependence in the Asia-Pacific region: A study with application of bilateral international I/O table" (Co-work with Sano and other 3) in Modeling Global Change UN Univ. Press
  • March 1993 "The Changes in the Industrial Structure of the ASEAN Countries and Their Economic Inter-dependence with the Asia-Pacific Regions" in International Linkages and Economic Inter-dependency in Asia-Pacific Region ?International Input-Output Analysis- IDE Symposium Proceedings N0.13 (Co-editor with Sano) IDE, Tokyo, Japan
  • March 1993 "The Change in Economic Inter-dependency in the Asia-Pacific Region between 1975 and 1985" OECD discussion paper DSTI/EAS(93)2, OECD Paris
  • March 1993 "Compilation of Asian International Input-Output Table, 1985" OECD discussion paper DSTI/EAS(93)1, OECD Paris
  • March 2005 Repercussion Effect of the East Asian FTA on the Japanese and Chinese Economies . IDE research report, IDE-JETRO, Tokyo Japan (Editor)
  • March 2004 Handbook of Asia International Input-Output Analysis . IDE research report, (Co-editor with Sano, Nakamura)
  • June 2003 "Perspective on the Effect of Free Trade Process in the Asian Region"(co-work with Uchida, Okamoto) AJIA KEIZAI Vol. XLIV, No. 5-6, pp128-143, IDE-JETRO
  • March 2003 "Survey on the industrial situation in CLMV countries" Chapter 4 in the research report The analysis of Economic and Industrial Development in Asia commissioned by METI, Japan
  • November 2001 "Graph View analysis on Input structure and Induce structure for Production in Asian countries" an article(co-work with Kuwamori) AJIKEN World Trend pp4-8, IDE-JETRO
  • March 2001 Statistical Approach to a New Industrial Structure Analysis ? an Application of Asian International Input-Output Tables ? IDE research report (Co-editor with Sano)
  • April 1999 "Enforce Industrial Competitiveness by reducing business cost in Singapore" AJIKEN World Trend, IDE
  • May 1998 An Introduction to Statistics for Financial Analysis Business Education Printed ltd. Tokyo, Japan (Co-author with Ishimura)
  • March 1998 "Industrial Structural Change in Malaysia" Chapter 4 in the research report The analysis of Economic and Industrial Development in Asia commissioned by METI, Japan
  • May 1997 "Singapore -Establishing a Total Chemical Industry for the World Market" an article AJIKEN World Trend . No 23 pp22-24, IDE-JETRO
  • March 1996 "Time Series Analysis on Inter-industrial Linkage between Japan and Korea" Chapter 7 (Co-work with Sano) IDE Asian International Input-Output Series (AIO) No. 43 IDE
  • March 1995 Compilation and Analysis of International Input-Output Tables (Co-editor with Kaneko) AIO Series No. 37 IDE

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