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KUDO Toshihiro

KUDO Toshihiro
Research Planning Department

Research Field:
Area Studies (Myanmar/Burma), Development Economics

Education / Research Experience

M.Phil in Development Studies, University of Cambridge, 1994

Professional Career:
Joined the IDE (Training Affairs Department), 1994
Joined Current Affairs Department, 1996
Overseas Research Fellow in Yangon, 2000-2003
Director, Project Research Division, Research Planning Department, 2003
Director, Planning and Coordination Division, Research Planning Department, 2003
Director, Economic and Technical Cooperation Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary, 2005
Director, Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center, 2007-2012
Senior Researcher, Research Planning Department, 2012-2014
Director-General, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2014.4-2014.6
Director-General, Research Planning Department, 2014.7-2015.3
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, 2015.4-

Major Works

Other Information