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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2013/2014

In FY 2013/2014 the following research activities are conducted.


Research TopicOrganizer
The Politics of Redistribution in New Democracies(B-101) KAWANAKA Takeshi
An Evidence-Based Study of Innovative Anti-Poverty Practices and Market Institutions(B-104) TAKAHASHI Kazushi
Interregional Spillovers of Demographic Changes and Population Aging: Development and Applications of a Multiregional Overlapping Generation Model [I](B-206) OYAMADA Kazuhiko
Connecting Developing Country Firms to Textiles and Apparel Value Chains: The Role of Aid for Trade(B-401) YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
BRICs Economy and Global Value (Supply) Chains: The Current Situation and Future Challenges(B-402) MENG Bo
Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added: International Input-Output Analysis(B-403) MENG Bo
Economic Development and Property Rights in Developing Countries(C-03) IWASAKI Yoko
Political Economy of Cash Transfer in the Developing Countries(C-09) USAMI Koichi
Perspective of Development Economics(C-21) YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
Consumption Behaviors in East and South-East Asian Countries(C-22) YOSHINO Hisao
Institutional Roles of Marriage in the Developing World: Empirical studies from the Perspectives of Gender Empowerment(C-23) KUDO Yuya
Production Patterns of Multinational Firms: Horizontal and Vertical Multinationals with Traded Intermediates(C-24) UCHIDA Yoko
Developing Countries and Structural Transformation(C-28) KODAMA Masahiro
Territorialization of the Sea and Dynamics of Pacific Geopolitics(C-32) SHIOTA Mitsuki
International Reuse and Developing Countries(C-35) KOJIMA Michikazu
Comparative Study of the Formation Process of Resource and Environmental Management Policy Institution(C-37) TERAO Tadayoshi
Comparative Politics of Metropolises in Asia(C-42) AIZAWA Nobuhiro
Political Limits on Trade : Implications for Derveloping Economies(C-46) KASHCHEEVA Mila

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
The Experience of WTO Doha Development Agenda and its Impact on LDCs: For the Future of Development-Friendly Trade Rules(A-01) SATO Hiroshi
Trade in value-added analysis: an extension to developing economies(A-04) INOMATA Satoshi
Aid Policy Study: Real Politics of Development Assistance(A-05) HIRANO Katsumi
Upgrade of Guangdong Economy and Agendas for China-Japan Economic Partnership (IV)(A-06) MARUYA Toyojiro
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
Impact of Production-Related Environmental Regulations on International Trade and Technological Spillover through Supply Chain in Asia
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
How to “Green” the Demand for Electrical Appliances in Developing Economies? Empirical Industrial Organization Analysis of the Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
Development of Green Industries in Asian Region: The Needed Factors and What Policies Can Do
HORII Nobuhiro
Business and Human Rights in Emerging Markets: For Designing Japan's CSR Strategies(A-09) YAMADA Miwa