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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2013/2014

In FY 2013/2014 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
Analysis of Current Affairs in Asia(B-201) NAKAGAWA Masahiko
Compilation and use of the 2005 Transnational Interregional Input-Output Tables for China, Japan and Korea (II)(B-205) INOMATA Satoshi
Development of a Geographical Simulation Model (IDE-GSM) for predicting the long-term evolution of population and industrial agglomeration in East Asia: Based on the 2010 geo-economic dataset (B-207) KUMAGAI Satoru
IDE-JETRO/UNIDO COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH PROJECT “Asian Trade Standards Compliance Report: Analysis of Border Rejection Data in Developed Markets”(B-404) NABESHIMA Kaoru
The Opportunities and Cooperative Strategy for Taiwan and Japan Industries in Emerging Economies(B-405) SATO Yukihito
Economic Development of ASEAN and the Business Opportunities for Hokuriku Industry(B-406) UMEZAKI So
Globalization and the Growth of Firms in Developing Countries: Comparisons between East Asia and Latin America(B-407) KIMURA Koichiro
Tracing China’s CO2 Emissions in Global Supply Chains(B-408) MENG Bo
Urbanization in China: Expansion, Instability and social management(C-01) AMAKO Satoshi
Political Economy of Cash Transfer in the Developing Countries(C-09) USAMI Koichi
Power structure of China’s State Development Reform Commission(C-12) SASAKI Norihiro
Re-examination of the Taiwan Strait Crises and Sino-American Relations(C-19) MATSUMOTO Haruka
Consumption Behaviors in East and South-East Asian Countries(C-22) YOSHINO Hisao
Compilation and Analyses of Trade Indices in East Asia(C-26) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Economic Analysis on Agriculture in China: Structural Change through Agro-Industrialization(C-29) HOKEN Hisatoshi
Education of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries(C-31) KOBAYASHI Masayuki
Social Response and Governance for Sustained Ecological Crisis(C-36) OTSUKA Kenji
Multinational Firms and the Globalization of Developing Countries(C-40) TANAKA Kiyoyasu
The Rescaling of Statehood and Social Changes in East Asia(C-41) TAMANO Kazushi
Comparative Politics of Metropolises in Asia(C-42) AIZAWA Nobuhiro
The Fall of “China and Southern Bank”: A Setback and Restructuring in the Bank of Taiwan’s Southward Strategy(C-45) HISASUE Ryoichi

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
How to Escape Middle Income Trap: Strategies toward High Income Economies(A-03) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Upgrade of Guangdong Economy and Agendas for China-Japan Economic Partnership (IV)(A-06) MARUYA Toyojiro
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
How to “Green” the Demand for Electrical Appliances in Developing Economies? Empirical Industrial Organization Analysis of the Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
Development of Green Industries in Asian Region: The Needed Factors and What Policies Can Do
HORII Nobuhiro
Comprehensive Analysis on Consequence of Trade and Investment Liberalization in East Asia
(The Construction of an Asian Research Network)