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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2013/2014

In FY 2013/2014 the following research activities are conducted.

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
The Experience of WTO Doha Development Agenda and its Impact on LDCs: For the Future of Development-Friendly Trade Rules(A-01) SATO Hiroshi
Toward Contributions for International Peace-keeping Systems in the Middle East and South Asia(A-02) SUZUKI Hitoshi
Analysis of Current Affairs in Egypt(A-02-2) TSUCHIYA Ichiki
How to Escape Middle Income Trap: Strategies toward High Income Economies(A-03) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Trade in value-added analysis: an extension to developing economies(A-04) INOMATA Satoshi
Aid Policy Study: Real Politics of Development Assistance(A-05) HIRANO Katsumi
Upgrade of Guangdong Economy and Agendas for China-Japan Economic Partnership (IV)(A-06) MARUYA Toyojiro
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
Impact of Production-Related Environmental Regulations on International Trade and Technological Spillover through Supply Chain in Asia
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
How to “Green” the Demand for Electrical Appliances in Developing Economies? Empirical Industrial Organization Analysis of the Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies
ERIA/IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Joint Research “Green Growth in Asia”
Development of Green Industries in Asian Region: The Needed Factors and What Policies Can Do
HORII Nobuhiro
Study on Possible Pathways to FTAAP (Free Trade Area of Asia-Pacific)(A-08) HIRATSUKA Daisuke
Business and Human Rights in Emerging Markets: For Designing Japan's CSR Strategies(A-09) YAMADA Miwa
Myanmar’s Integration with Asian Economies: Challenges and Prospects
(The Construction of an Asian Research Network)
YAMADA Yasuhiro
Comprehensive Analysis on Consequence of Trade and Investment Liberalization in East Asia
(The Construction of an Asian Research Network)