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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2013/2014 Research Topic: C-40
Multinational Firms and the Globalization of Developing Countries


This research project seeks to shed light on the globalization issues in developing countries by investigating the role of multinational firms. When governments in developing economies improve their investment environment through investment liberalization, falling investment barriers produce new investment opportunities for firms in a foreign country. To examine which foreign firms respond to the investment opportunities, we employ a simulation approach to conduct counterfactual analysis. Additionally, the investment liberalization also affects domestic firms in the developing countries through an entry of foreign firms, which intensifies market competition in a host country. To examine competition effects and spillover effects from foreign firms on local firms, we analyze micro-data on firm activities in developing economies.


April 2012-March 2014

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] TANAKA Kiyoyasu
[ Co-researchers ] TSUBOTA Kenmei
(University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Full-time Economist;)