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Research Projects

FY 2013/2014 Research Topic: C-23
Institutional Roles of Marriage in the Developing World: Empirical studies from the Perspectives of Gender Empowerment


It is now recognized that social institutions play an important role in shaping socio-economic outcomes in the developing world. One of those traditional institutions is marriage. The aim of this research is to improve our understanding of roles played by this traditional institution from the perspectives of gender empowerment. Precisely, the following two roles will be addressed by taking an empirical approach based upon micro-level data drawn from Africa and South Asia.
1. The role of marriage as social insurance
2. The role of dowries/bride prices as a device for gender empowerment/disempowerment


April 2013 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] KUDO Yuya
[ Co-researcher ] MAKINO Momoe