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FY 2013/2014 Research Topic: A-04
Trade in value-added analysis: an extension to developing economies


IDE-JETRO has been conducting joint research with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) from 2010; a report of the collaboration was published in June 2011. On that occasion, the two organizations jointly held an international conference for launching the publication at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva, hosted by the IDE President Prof. Takashi Shiraishi and the WTO Director General H.E. Pascal Lamy. This was followed by the publication of the report in Japanese, when an international symposium was organized in Tokyo inviting the WTO Deputy Director-General Mr. Alejandro Jara, in order to disseminate the fruit of the joint research to stakeholders of the government, academics and business communities alike.

The “trade in value-added” approach enables us to redefine the relationship among countries of origin and destination in international trade. In contrast to the orthodox concept of trade balances based on foreign trade statistics, it focuses on the value-added contents of traded goods, and considers the contribution of countries to value-added generation at each stage of the production process of a given commodity. For example, it is known that China’s exported goods use a large amount of intermediate inputs supplied by neighboring Asian countries. Accordingly, a significant part of Chinese exports is attributable to foreign sources in terms of value-added generation.
The joint report addresses important issues such as measuring international trade in the face of growing global manufacturing, by proposing a new method and presenting the analytical results of estimating the value-added generation of international supply chains. The report has been disseminated to a large number of trade policy planners of various countries, and ranked 4th in terms of sales in 2011 among all the WTO publications.


April 2013 - March 2014

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] INOMATA Satoshi
[ Co-researchers ] MENG Bo
Nasim Fathi (Visiting Research Fellow, IDE-JETRO)