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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2012/2013

In FY 2012/2013 the following research activities are conducted.

South Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
Regional and Class Disparities in India: Future Direction for the Nation’s Poorest State of Bihar(B-1-01) TSUJITA Yuko
The Linkage between Agriculture and Industry in India(B-1-03) UCHIKAWA Shuji
The Socioeconomic Impact of Natural Disasters and Chronic Poverty: Natural Experiment Approach with Household Panel Data based on the Floods in North-West Bangladesh(B-1-08) SHONCHOY Abu
The Impact of Micro-Credit Repayment Rules on Seasonal Migration and Loan Repayment during the Agricultural Lean Season – A Randomised Experiment in Bangladesh(B-1-09) SHONCHOY Abu
Study on the Current State of Manufacturing Industries in Bangladesh(B-1-12) MURAYAMA Mayumi
The Role of Judges and Judicialization of Asia (B-1-13) IMAIZUMI Shinya
Analysis of Current Affairs in Asia (B-2-01) OKUDA Satoru
Dynamics of the Garment Industry in Low-income Countries following the MFA Phase-out(C-04) FUKUNISHI Takahiro
Impact of the Global Economy on Trade Trends in India(C-07) INOUE Takeshi
Verification of Changes in Sivakasi, India: The Town of Child Labor Elimination(C-29) NAKAMURA Mari
Empirical Analysis of Competition and Price Determination in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market(C-31) KUBO Kensuke
Theoretical and Methodological Exploration into the Problem of Youth Unemployment(C-40) MURAYAMA Mayumi

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
Study on the Required Factors and Policies to Facilitate the Development of Green Industries in the Asian Region(A-5-03) HORII Nobuhiro
The Rise of China and India and the Implications for East Asia(A-6-01) ONISHI Yasuo
Building an International Peace-keeping System in the Middle East and the South Asian Regions(A-7-01) SUZUKI Hitoshi