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FY 2012/2013 Research Topic: C-29
Verification of Changes in Sivakasi, India: The Town of Child Labor Elimination


Sivakasi, India, was notorious as a place of intensive child labor in the production of matches and fireworks; but now the reputation of the Sivakasi district has changed to that of a regional center of higher education. Many employment opportunities have been produced by taking advantage of the matches and fireworks industries for factory workers and the sideline of rural women.
This study examines the actual condition on whether child labor has been abolished completely, and the process of how the Sivakasi area reduced the number of child laborers. What was the main factor behind successfully eliminating child labor? In particular, we will examine how such intervention was effective in this process, with reference to the empowerment movement for low-income households with working children.
We will conduct data collection with a joint research body in India to verify changes in the attitudes of low-income households, which were considered to be the principal suppliers of child labor.


April 2012 - February 2013

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] NAKAMURA Mari


  • First Year: Article in “Asia Keizai” (in Japanese)