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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2012/2013

In FY 2012/2013 the following research activities are conducted.

Asia General

Research TopicOrganizer
The Role of Judges and Judicialization of Asia (B-1-13) IMAIZUMI Shinya
Analysis of Current Affairs in Asia (B-2-01) OKUDA Satoru
Compilation and Use of the 2005 Transnational Interregional Input-Output Tables for China, Japan and Korea(B-2-03) INOMATA Satoshi
Comparative Study on the Organizational Capabilities of Asian Rural Societies (C-02) SHIGETOMI Shinichi
Economic Development and Technology Choice(C-27) GEMMA Masahiko
Latecomer's Catch-up Revisited(C-33) SATO Yukihito
Social Response and Governance for Sustained Ecological Crisis(C-36) OTSUKA Kenji
Multinational Firms and the Globalization of Developing Countries(C-38) TANAKA Kiyoyasu
Education of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries(C-39) KOBAYASHI Masayuki

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
APEC Joint Study on Possible Pathways to a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP)(A-4-01) HIRATSUKA Daisuke
Impact of Product-related Environmental Regulations on the Diffusion of Trade and Technology through Supply Chains(A-5-01) MICHIDA Etsuyo
Creation of Green Demand: Empircal Industrial Organization Study on the Proliferation of Energy-efficient Appliances in Developing Nations in Asia and the Top Runner Mechanism in Japan.(A-5-02) WATANABE Mariko
Study on the Required Factors and Policies to Facilitate the Development of Green Industries in the Asian Region(A-5-03) HORII Nobuhiro