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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2012/2013 Research Topic: A-6-01
The Rise of China and India and the Implications for East Asia


We have been conducting research on the impact of the rise of China and India on East Asia’s political and economic systems. Last year we focused on China, and so this year we will concentrate on India. The economic field is playing a leading role in the country’s accession to East Asia; an emblem of that is the Free Trade Agreement between India and ASEAN concluded in 2009.. China has become the major importing nation of Indian products and its third major exporter. However, ASEAN and India are paying careful attention to the tough diplomatic stance of China. Although currently diplomatic relations can not develop in parallel with economic relations, India’s market still holds great appeal for China and ASEAN; as such, India will continue to developing in line with these countries. Our final objective is to contribute to Japanese diplomatic policy for East Asia, and at the same time we will publish a research report on the website.


May 2012 - March 2013

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] ONISHI Yasuo
[ Co-researchers ] REN zhe
ARAI Etsuyo
AIZAWA Nobuhiro
ESHO Hideki (Professor of Hosei University)
TRAN Van Tu (Professor of Waseda UUniversity)
ABE Jun’ichi (Senior researcher of Kazankai)
HAMAMOTO Ryoichi (Professor of Center for East Asia Research, Akita International University)
HORIMOTO Takenori (Professor of Kyoto University)
TORII Takashi (Professor of Meiji University)
IM Jaewon (Assoiate professor of Aoyama-gakuin Univ.)
IKEBE Ryo (Associate professor of Fukui Prefectural University)


  • First Year: Article on the Website, Policy Brief
  • Second Year: International Symposium, Article on the Website, Policy Brief