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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2011/2012 Research Topic: 1-10
Internally Valid Microeconometric Development Analysis


Some policy debates do not offer policy recommendations, because they lack causal arguments. For example, in the BOP (bottom-of-pyramid) assistance debates, causal relationship between assistance and business outcomes are not identified. So policymaker cannot find concrete directions in their policy development. Most of current debates limit themselves to listing successful business models, and do not show which component of them is effective (internal validity) nor how the outcomes may differ had they operate the same business model in other environment (external validity). This can result in implementing policies that would have undesired outcomes. It is paramount to understand which impacts of each component of the policies or business models to effectively formulate development policies. This project aims at providing policy recommendations based on cutting edge academic techniques that will result in internally valid impact estimates.


April 2011 - March 2013

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] ITO Seiro
[ Co-researchers ] KUDO Yuya
TSUKADA Kazunari
ARIMOTO Yutaka (Hitotsubashi University)
FUWA Nobuhiko (Waseda University)
OHIRA Satoshi (Keio University)