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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2011/2012 Research Topic: 1-04
Regional and Class Disparities in India: Future Direction for the Poorest State of Bihar


This research aims to understand the widening disparity across geographical, social, economic and other aspects in India, with a particular focus on Bihar, which is one of the least developed states in India and that lags behind other states in terms of economic and social development. Using mainly field work, we investigate the political, economic and social aspects of Bihar in order to understand the factors and processes behind its socio-economic underdevelopment. The research questions include the following.

(1) What are the extent and trends of social and economic inter- and intra-state disparities in India and Bihar in particular? What are the possible factors behind these widening disparities?
(2) How has the increase in political representation of the lower castes and women as well as the rise in out-migration affected development in Bihar?
(3) What are the processes behind the widening of the various forms of disparity in India?
(4) What are the policy implications for sustainable and inclusive growth and social cohesion?


April 2011 - February 2013

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] TSUJITA Yuko
[ Co-researchers ] KONDO Norio
FUJITA Koichi (Kyoto University)
ODA Hisaya (Ritsumeikan University)
NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)
GHOSH, Prabhat P. (Professor, Asian Development Research Institute)
DASGUPTA, Chirashree (Associate Professor, Asian Development Research Institute)