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FY 2011/2012 Research Topic: 1-03
The Linkage between Agriculture and Industry in India


India has maintained high and stable GDP growth rates during the three decades since 1981, during which the average real GDP growth rate was 5.8 per cent. In spite of that absolute poverty still remains, and this situation has not been completely alleviated by economic growth.
In East Asian countries, the manufacturing sector in urban areas has absorbed any surplus labor in rural areas via industrialization. However, rural areas in India have agricultural laborers who cannot participate in the management of agriculture even through the rental market and who also do not own any land. These are the main reasons for the existence of poverty. On the other hand, opportunities for engaging in non-farm employment have expanded. It has been reported that the income of agricultural laborers has increased due to the growth of non-farm employment in some rural areas. Therefore, it is necessary to examine what kinds of non-farm employment surplus labor are able to receive.
The conditions of villages vary across regions, and so this project focuses on the regions of Ludhiana in Punjab and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. This project will investigate the origins of the labor force and the individual background of the founders of SMEs in order to analyze the linkages with rural area. Meanwhile, field survey in villages will examine how farmers near cities have been affected by industrialization and whether the income of small farmers and agriculture laborers has risen. The final goal of this project is to clarify how industrialization has progressed in line with changes in agriculture and villages.


April 2011 - March 2013

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] UCHIKAWA Shuji
[ Co-researchers ] USAMI Yoshifumi (Senior Researcher University of Tokyo)
SUGIMOTO Daizo (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Meijo Universtiy)
FUJITA Koichi (Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
ISHIGAMI Etsuro (Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Fukuoka University)
Azusa Fujimori (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University)