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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2010/2011 Research Topic: 6-02
Investment Promotion Program for Africa


This program was established on the policy budget of the Japanese government as part of policy implementations in the Yokohama Action Plan at the 4th Tokyo International Conference on African Development in 2008. Its objective is to help Japanese companies enter the African continent, and is conducted in collaboration with JETRO offices in Africa. The project is based on two main themes:
  1. To collect information on African business to be publicized in the form of database.
  2. To provide scientific methodologies to Japanese companies to elaborate policies for overcoming risks and cost in Africa business.

The project has collected almost 250 profiles of companies that enjoyed rapid growth in several African countries through spot surveys, interviews done by JETRO offices, and investigations entrusted to local institutions in South Africa. In addition, we completed specific reports on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) business, and China in Africa, which are keys to business in Africa. The information has been already made public on our website called “African Growing Enterprises (AGE) Files”.

We are also involved in three projects with Japanese companies engaged in Africa business. These projects provide scientific methodologies to the following companies to tackle problems in Africa:
  1. With Toyota South Africa on the HIV/AIDS problem
    This project is designed to determine the HIV infection rate in Toyota factories in South Africa, which has the largest HIV-infected population in the world. It will help Toyota draw up an effective HIV/AIDS treatment program for its employees.
  2. With Mitsubishi Corporation on community development
    This project is intended to help Hernic Ferrochrome (Pty) Ltd, subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and the only Japanese company that operates a mining site in Africa, to establish an effective development plan for its surrounding communities in South Africa.
  3. With Sumitomo Corporation on malaria prevention in Madagascar
    This project aims to evaluate the social and economic effects of the Olyset Net, made by Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. It will assist Sumitomo Corporation, currently the biggest Japanese investor in Africa for building nickel and cobalt production bases in Madagascar, to create a malaria prevention program as a CSR activity.

In FY 2009, we accomplished preparatory works for these projects. Further intervention stages are planned in coming years.

Project team

HIRANO Katsumi
ITO Seiro
SATO Chizuko
KONO Hisaki

MIYAJI Masataka (ex-executive of Mitsubishi Corporation)
ICHIMURA Hidehiko (University of Tokyo)
SAWADA Yasuyuki (University of Tokyo)
OHIRA Satoshi (Keio University)
FUWA Nobuhiko (Waseda University)
KUDAMATSU Masayuki (Stockholm University)
ARIMOTO Hiroshi (Hitotsubashi University)
YAMAZAKI Jun-ichi (University of Tokyo)