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FY 2010/2011 Research Topic: 4-33
Reform of Local Governance for Environmental Conservation and Restoration in River and Lake Basins, China


In China, water pollution issues in river and lake basins remain serious, although the government has taken numerous measures, such as total pollution load control in a series of five-year plans in major basins. In the Lake Tai (pronounced “tai-hu” in Chinese) Basin, one of the typical basins combating water pollution in China, a series of new initiatives for environmental conservation and restoration have started since the water crisis of 2007. This research project focuses on not only industrial point source control, but also urban and rural non-point source control of wastewater effluents and other environmental restoration measurements in basins. The project will explore how to reform local governance for environmental conservation and restoration in the Lake Tai Basin based on ongoing policy reform with a social experiment of stakeholders’ dialogue in the basin. Through this research project, we hope to contribute to building effective governance for environmental conservation and restoration to realize environmental and social sustainability in river and lake basins, China.


April 2010-March 2012

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] OTSUKA Kenji
[ Co-researchers ] ISONO Yayoi (Professor of Tokyo Keizai University)
MIZUOCHI Motoyuki (Senior Research Fellow of National Institute for Environmental Studies)
FUJITA Kaori (Professor of Kinki University)


Information of the Research Project