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Research Projects

FY 2010/2011 Research Topic: 4-27
Comparative Studies on the Governance of Local Governments in Southeast Asia


Since the 1990s, as part of state restructuring schemes for democratization or for political stability, many countries in Southeast Asia have established more decentralized local administration systems and reinforced fiscal decentralization. In that process, some Southeast Asian countries share common backgrounds and needs for decentralization, such as democratization after the collapse of an authoritarian regime and bridging gaps in resources and authority between central and local governments. However, the fundamental characteristics and effects of decentralization systems in each Southeast Asian country appear to be different according to historical processes and the central-local relationship prior to recent decentralization trends.

In our research project, the research team will focus on institutional factors in the local administration system in each country and explore the comparative perspective by focusing on the notions of “government” and “governance” as administrative terms in order to grasp the differences and characteristics of the local government system in Southeast Asia. Our research team will also focus on the function of basic local administrative bodies in rural areas that reflect the basic notion of self-government in each country.


April 2009 - February 2011

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] NAGAI Fumio (Professor, Osaka City University)
[ Co-researchers ] AKIZUKI Kengo (Professor, Kyoto University)
NISHIMURA Kenichi (Associate Professor, Osaka University)
OKAMOTO Masaaki (Associate Professor, Kyoto University)
SAKUMA Miho (Researcher, International Development Center of Japan)
KAWANO Motoko (Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
SHIMAGAMI Motoko (Researcher, Kyoto University)