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FY 2010/2011 Research Topic: 4-25
The Korean Technology Network with Japan


South Korea has achieved rapid economic growth via the Japan-South Korea technology network since the diplomatic normalization of Japan-South Korea relations. However, this Japan-South Korea technology network has become a factor in the South Korean trade deficit with Japan and a basis for South Korea demands of additional technology transfers from Japan. It has been thought that the South Korean trade deficit with Japan occurred because the technologies of South Korean medium and small-sized companies producing “parts and materials" are very weak. Therefore, the South Korean government has insisted that if Japanese medium and small-sized companies producing such “parts and materials" would invest in South Korea, the issue would be solved.Hence this research team began to analyze what commodities cause the trade deficit with Japan.The team concluded that the main products behind the trade deficit are iron and steel, semiconductors and machineries. These commodities are not products made by small and medium sized companies, but rather products produced by large companies in Japan.Based on these results, the research team believes that large South Korean companies introducing technologies from Japan should import products when they produce the same products as Japan.


April 2009-March 2011

Members of the Research Project

[ Organizer ] MIZUNO Junko
[ Co-researchers ] ABE Makoto
ITO Yoshimi (Emeritus professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology),
FUJITA Toru (Senior Analyst, Sumitomo Shoji Research Institute, Inc.)
MITARAI Hisami (Senior Staff, Nomura Research Institute) ,
Jun Je-Goo (Visiting Research Fellow, IDE-JETRO)