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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2009/2010

In FY 2009/2010 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
China at the crossroads: Dynamics of Economic Growth and Policy Decision-making(1-01) SASAKI Norihiro
Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India(1-02) OHARA Moriki
Life Security System for the Elderly in the Emerging Countries(1-05) USAMI Koichi
The formation of industrial clusters in Asia and regional integration(1-07) KUCHIKI Akifumi
Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Industrial Location in CLMV(1-08) KUROIWA Ikuo
Analysis of Current Affairs in Asia(2-01) OKUDA Satoru
Compilation and Use of the 2005 International Input-Output Table(2-02) INOMATA Satoshi
The World Economy in Crisis – Visions from International Input-Output Analyses –(3-03) INOMATA Satoshi
Food Crisis and Maize Supply in Developing Countries(4-07) SHIMIZU Tatsuya
Economic Management and Industrial Structure in DPR of Korea(4-10) NAKAGAWA Masahiko
Participation of Taiwan and Hong Kong in East Asian regionalism(4-11) TAKEUCHI Takayuki
Global Capital flow and East Asian Emerging Market Countries(4-16) KUNIMUNE Kozo
Building Basin Governance for Water Pollution Control in China: A Social Experiment in Community Roundtable Meetings in the Tai Lake Basin
The Growth and Transformation of Korean Chaebol in Post-Developmental Era(4-28) ABE Makoto
Inter-firm Dynamics of Notebook PC Manufacturing Industry and the Growth of Taiwanese Firms(4-29) KAWAKAMI Momoko
The Korean technical network formation together with Japan(4-30) MIZUNO Junko
System Design on International Recycling(4-34) KOJIMA Michikazu
Comprehensive Study on Taiwan Ⅲ: Centripetal and Centrifugal Power of Taiwanese Society(4-36) SATO Yukihito
Japan-China-Korea trilateral joint research for FTA(5-01) MIZUNO Junko