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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-34
System Design on International Recycling


As the economy globalized, recyclable waste such as waste plastic and steel scrap, and secondhand goods such as used automobiles and home appliances are internationally traded, recycled and re-used. Recyclable waste fills part of the increase in demand for resources in emerging countries. Secondhand goods increase the welfare of poor people in developing countries. The importance of effective international utilization of recyclables is likely to increase in the future. To make sustainable use of resources across borders, it is necessary to ensure that international trade is smooth and stable. It is also important to prevent pollution from recycling in poor countries. This study will consider the design of the international recycling system. The international trade statistics of recyclable waste and hazardous waste will be reviewed. The Basel Convention and national legislation to regulate the transboundary movement of recyclable waste, hazardous waste and secondhand goods will be examined.


2009/4 - 2010/2


Members of the Research Project

KOJIMA Michikazu
Jeong Seong-U
TSURUTA Jun, Associate Professor, Japan Coast Guard Academy
YOSHIDA Aya, Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies
MURAKAMI (SUZUKI) Rie Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies
SASAKI So, Senior Analyst, Mitsubishi UFJ research and Consulting Co., Ltd


A book in Japanese.