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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-24
Engineers as Engines of Industrial Development


This project examines engineers’ roles in the industrial development of Asian countries including Korea, Taiwan, China and Philippines.

The following two issues will be examined. The first issue is educational systems, higher education of engineering in particular. It is necessary to illustrate the characteristics, level and quantity of engineers that each country’s educational system supplies. The second issue is the engineers’ activities in various industries. Their industrial activities have two intricate spheres. On the one hand, the industrial activities are learning opportunities through which the engineers can continue to increase their capabilities. More importantly, some engineers transform themselves into entrepreneurs absorbing knowledge and grasping opportunities within their jobs, which leads to the creation of new industries and change of the industrial structure. Industrial activities, on the other hand, are places where the engineers exercise their capabilities. Whether the industrial system is able to make the most of the engineers’ capabilities should be explored.


2008/4 - 2010/2


Members of the Research Project


The progress report, Sato, Yukihito, Makoto Abe and Moriki Ohara, Engineers as Engines of Industrial Development, was published in March, 2009.
The final results will be published in the I.D.E. Research Series in 2010.