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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-22
Brand-new regional mechanism for international security


The military and the state have dominated the discussion of international security. This old military and state-centered view has been challenged by so-called open regionalism in the post Cold War era. We are now witnessing the Third Wave or another primacy of regional mechanism in the contemporary world. Theoretical views are also varied on the structure of international security. Now the neo-realist is challenged by both the globalist and the regionalist.

We aim to examine such situation from a comparative perspective. Co-researchers are invited in consideration of their interests in the field of security studies. They have abundant research experience in various geographical areas, namely South-east Asia, Central Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. These regions are covered in the case studies of this project.

A regionalist approach to security is the starting point of this study. We need to draw a distinction between global and regional on our level of analysis. Thereafter we can apply a theoretical framework like Barry Buzan’s regional security complex theory (RSCT). One of our co-researchers has already reviewed this theory in his mid-term report. RSCT is a starting point and a frame of reference for our study. Another co-researcher reported the emergence of a regional security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region. He introduced a general aspect of this concept, though it varies among the literature. Three analytical levels are pointed out, and advocates of concepts are also classified in line with conceptual developments. Experiences in this region may indicate the possibility of application to other area.


2009/4 - 2010/2



Members of the Research Project

URABE Hiroyuki (Associate Professor, Dokkyo University)
YUASA Takeshi (Senior Fellow, The National Institute for Defense Studies)
TSUBOUCHI Jun (Associate Professor, Yamanashi University)
JIMBO Ken (Associate Professor, Keio University)


An interim report (Mochizuki ed., Brand-new regional mechanism for international security, v+86p.) was published in March 2009 (Japanese).
The final outcome will be published as an I.D.E. Research Series in 2010 (Japanese).