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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-13
Rural Development in Developing Countries: An Approach from Social Network Analysis


This research project aims to review the literature of social network analysis (SNA), and to seek ways to apply this analytical approach to the studies of rural development in developing countries.

Conventional studies on rural societies, at least in the area of development studies, have tended to analyze roles of communities by perceiving a rural community as an organization. This perception is useful when focusing on only one economic activity, i.e. agricultural production. However, new approaches must be sought to evaluate multi-functional roles of communities in analyzing today’s complex socio-economic situations in rural areas. One possible approach is to consider a rural community as dense network of human resources.

SNA gives us methodological tools to measure network structures of a society, i.e. density, distribution, centrality, etc. By utilizing insights of SNA, we can obtain quantitative information to analyze the relations between the characteristics of social structures and the levels of economic development.


2009/4 - 2010/3


Members of the Research Project


The Survey Report will be published (Japanese) in 2010.
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