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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-12
The Transformation of “Political Representive Structure” in Latin America and its Implication


This research project aims to grasp "the transformation of the political representative structure" and its implications in Latin American politics by reconsidering a large amount of literature on the "Left Turn in Latin America (by Hector Schamis et al.)," "The Crisis of Democratic Representation (by Scott Mainwaring et al.)," “Organizational Foundation of Populism (by Kenneth Roberts)," "New Social Movements (Richard Stahler-Sholk et al.)" and others. Although I have dealt with the political functions and significances of "political movement(s)," "social movement(s)" and "movement party(s)" in the Andes (Ecuador and Bolivia), in this research, Mexican and Paraguayan cases will examined. So, I will focus on the following two points to grasp whether "transformation of the political representative structure" has been occurring in Mexico and Paraguay:
(1) the background of the resurgence of "political movement(s)," "social movement(s)" and/or "movement party(s)" in each case.
(2) the characteristics of Mexican and Paraguayan new party systems in which these movement parties may be constituent elements.


2009/4 - 2010/2


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Article for the Asian Economies (the Ajia Keizai, in Japanese)